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This is the website of Goodboy Norman Featherstone, Ladies’ Man. I am a four year old purebred Pug born March 27th, 2001 in Wilmur, Alabama. My Daddy has only one eye, but he doesn't wear an eye patch like I would if I lost an eye. The pirate look is so in, you know. My People are Ian and Tammy, and my best friends are Mr. Chris and Chewbie. I love playing tug, fetch, soccer, and having my rear end scratched. My favorite foods are pears, bananas, peas, turkey and buttercream icing, although I don't get a whole lot of food besides my Pro Plan Lamb and Rice.

To say I am a vivacious dog would be quite an understatement. The truth is, I rule this place, and I can be a handful when The People think they are in charge. Silly people.

I live in Asheville, North Carolina. If you are a Lady in the Blue Ridge Mountain area looking for some companionship, drop me a line. I am always eager to meet some new Ladies!

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